WHELER CLUB, ESTD. 3rd Feb. 1863
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The Club shall consist of following classes of members:-

- Permanent Members

- Temporary Members

 - Absentee Members

- Lady Visitors

- Honorary Members

 - Mess Members

 - Casual Members

 - Reciprocating Club Members

- Corporate Members

- Tenure Members


Permanent Membership

Permanent Members will have voice in the Management of the Club affairs or the right of voting in person or by proxy. Permanent members shall also have the privilege of reciprocating membership with affiliated Clubs.


Temporary Membership

All applicants for membership of the Club will be considered in the first instance for Temporary Membership only. Such applicants must be proposed by one and seconded by another permanent member, other than a Committee Member, in the prescribed form as provided for permanent membership.


Proposing and Seconding of Membership Applicants

The following restrictions will apply to members who propose or second applicants for Club membership:-

(a) Only permanent members can propose or second an application for the permanent membership of the Club.

(b) Members can propose or second only one individual in a calendar year.

(c) The Proposer and the Seconder will certify that all the information given in the application is correct. In case any incorrect information is given in the application form, the applicant (if selected) along with the proposer & the seconder shall become liable for suitable action under the Bye-Laws of the Club.

(d) A serving Member of the Committee shall not propose or second any applicant for Club membership.

(e) The proposer and seconder shall be jointly and severally liable for any default in payment of Club dues by the sponsored member, to such an extent as may be decided by the Committee.


Grant of Permanent Membership

The ‘Temporary Members’ shall be granted permanent status as decided by the Managing Committee from  time to time.

The wife and children of a Temporary Member will also be entitled to use the Club as applicable to  permanent members.


Absentee Membership

Only Permanent/Temporary members, who notify in writing to the Secretary to be out of Meerut for a period exceeding tree months will be treated as ‘Absentee Members’. During the period of absentee membership they will be exempted from paying normal monthly subscription. Such absentee members will be charged a reduced, subscription as revised from time to time.

For a stay exceeding ten days such members will be charged the regular monthly subscription  as applicable to the local permanent members. The ten days shall be counted as ten consecutive days in a calendar month from the date of first visit to the Club.


Lady Visitors

Wives of Serving Defence Services Officers whose husbands are not posted / located in Meerut are permitted to become Lady Visitors for the duration of their stay at Meerut. Wives of serving officers not posted in Meerut i.e. separated families, shall be termed Temporary Lady Visitors the permanent widows of service officers and civilian members shall be termed as Permanent Lady Visitors. Lady visitors shall pay monthly subscription as applicable to their husbands.

Permanent Lady Visitors absent from the station for three months or more and desirous of becoming Absentee Members will be required to pay subscription in advance at the rates applicable to the absentee  members.

Lady Visitors are not allowed any voice in the affairs of the Club and they are not entitled to any vote.

Dependants of Lady visitors will also be entitled to use the Club with limitations as applicable to other members.

Proposal for membership as a Lady visitor in respect of the wives of Defence Services Officers and absentee members will invariably be sponsored by their husbands.

A Defence Service Officer visiting Meerut for a period not exceeding two months and whose wife is already a lady visitor is allowed to use the Club without payment of any additional subscription.


Honorary Members

The Managing Committee may on their own initiative invite any person to become an Honorary Member of the Club during his stay in Meerut, without payment of monthly subscription. The Honorary Member shall be entitled to rates as applicable to the regular members, for the services availed.

Honorary Members will have rights and privileges as for temporary members.

Mess Members

All Officers of the Defence  Services posted at Meerut will automatically become members of Wheler Club Ltd, through their respective Messes, from the date of reporting in the station.

All officers posted at Meerut and members of the Club through their Officers Messes will be entitled to the use of the club facilities on reduced rates of subscription as laid down and revised from time to time.

The Club bills will be paid by the officers through their Officers’ Messes, who will be  responsible for all Club dues payable to the Club. The wives and dependants of the officers will also be entitled to use the Club.

The respective Officers’ Messes will send to the Club by 15th of each month, up-to- date nominal roll of their officers, who are/ will be on the strength of the  Officers’ Mess during the month.


Reciprocating Club Membership

A permanent member of another Club with which the Wheler Club Ltd., has reciprocating arrangements may, by right of such membership card or letter of introduction signed by the Secretary of his Club, make

use of this Club as a reciprocating member without payment of any subscription for a period not exceeding ten days in a month. Should such period be exceeded, he shall pay subscription  as for a temporary member from the date of expiry of ten days. His wife, unmarried daughters and sons not exceeding 21 years of age, if accompanying him, are entitled to this privilege. Reciprocal facilities cannot be used by any person residing in Meerut.

Such a member shall inform the Secretary that he is using the facility of the Club and shall give him his local address. He shall also sign the ‘Visitors’ Register of the Club on each visit.

The visiting reciprocating member shall have all the facilities of a temporary member and can make use of all the facilities and amenities provided by the Club, on normal payment.


Tenure Membership

The Managing Committee may, at their discretion, grant temporary membership to be known as Tenure membership to the civil administration officers and officers of semi-government organizations provided such officers hold the rank / appointment equivalent to Class I services of the Central Government. Such membership shall be restricted to the tenure of posting of such officers at Meerut and shall automatically cease on posting out/retirement.




Any Company incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956 or any Body established by a special statute of the State or Central Government or any internationally renowned Industry or Association (co including  a Co- operative Society under any law relating to Co-operative Societies)  having an office or place of business in Meerut and its suburbs, may apply for Membership as a Corporate Member.

No company, whose paid up capital is less than Rs. 5 Crore shall be entitled to apply for Corporate Membership.

Corporate Member’s Nominees

On admission to the Corporate Membership, a Corporate member shall be entitled to nominate upto 5 of its whole time directors or other full-time senior executives, who are residents of  Meerut, for use and enjoyment of all the facilities  offered by the Club to its members, subject to payment of the admission fee as  laid down from time to time.

On receipt of nominations from the Corporate Member, the Managing Committee shall proceed with the election of the nominees of the Corporate member following the same procedure as for permanent members of the Club.

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